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Type of sport betting (Part 3)

Finding a proper type to place on sport bets is necessary and useful for each bettor. Once you determine which kind of betting you like, its strengths and weaknesses, you can find proper solutions and strategies to place.

In this article, wecontinue to share basic types in sport betting. 

5, Total linebet

If you love betting in football or basketball, straight bet is the most popular form.

In this bet, one line is fixed, bettorswill place total scores of two teams then compare with wager.

There are three options: Or “over”, “under” or “tie”. Depending on regulations before bets to determin odd rates accordingly.

6, Money line bet

In Money line bet, method is completely different from total line bet.

At there, you only pick a team to win without placing any point spread. 

This bet has two drawbacks when you have to place total money for one favorite team while other bets can offer wager for the underdog also. It means you only have one option for winning of the favorite team.

For example, in and hockey match between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You place $120 for San Francisco. If they win, you get money. But the rest result, you loss total deposit.

7, Parlay bet

Parlay bet means you pick up some single bets into a group. It can start before the match, then it continues to change odd rates or the favorite team. Until finishing the match, bet is closed.

You will win when your picks are correct in all times or the parlay is lost. 

The fact, this bet has a high risk as well offers a bigger amount for deposit than other bets. Although it brings interesting experience when your bet can be changed and updated depending on status of the match, it should be careful before bets.