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Top couple with the current rivalries in sports

Sports always play an important role in our life. It brings a piece of fun, relaxing as well hope for spectators. Many people are affected by performance of athletes.

In this article, we share top sports rivalries between couples which make deeply impressive for fans.

1/ Pete Carroll vs. Jim Harbaugh

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh have ever dominated the football team in college.

Jim Harbaugh was a couch in Stanford team whereas Pete was a head leader of the Trojan. They had a trace at the Coliseum in 2019 season. In some moments of this match, Harbaugh run up the score which made Carroll thrilled. They had a verbal argument at the middle field.

After this season, they move to the NFL and lead other two team. Spectators are looking forward to the next match in the Super Bowl when two coaches meet together whether they have continued another argument?

2/ Nick Saban vs. Les Miles

After the 2004 season, Saban moved the Miami Dolphins, Miles took over it as a head coach. Then Saban became a coach for a college game at Alabama. It’s interesting when his team had to face with his previous team- the Miami Dolphins.

Before the match, team of Miles were confident because they had some successes before stronger rivals. Furthermore, both team were on the top contenders in the SEC ranking.

Finally, team’s Saban became winners with the scores 5-3. This match is a memorial event for both coaches.

3/ LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

Both NBD players were in their prime career, so meeting together in the finals made difficult to guess who was a winner.

Not expected, they met in the NBA finals in 2012 season. Although they were good friends off the court, they still played by 100% energy because of their team. It was a little difficult but finally LeBron became a winner to get the title.