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Top couple with the current rivalries in sports

Sport is always interesting with everyone. Depending on other favorite and hobby, per person has another favorite sport. But all have the same point which feel exciting and loved with sports. So, many fans are ready to spend their time on visiting live matches or following their idols in any activities.

In this article, we share one aspect of sport which are couples with interesting rivalries. Following it to see whether your idol and your favorite sport is on ranking or not.

4/ LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

They met together in finals of the NBA championship in 2012. In this match, all fans felt satisfactory with both players’ performances. They were in their prime in career. So, both were expected to reach winning in this competition to remark great achievements for their team.

During the match, fans hoped that this was the last time both players met together. Because they were both excellent and smart. Finally, LeBron defeated Kevin in congratulation of his opponent- Kevin.

Off the court, they still are good friends.

5/ Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate

Ronda and Tate are the top women in MMA in the world. They have competitive rivalry both in the field and off the court.

In one reality show, they have an argument about boyfriend insult, fans stories or snubbed handshakes.

In one finals of 2012 tournament, Ronda defeated Tate in near score. Then when they came bank in UFC, organizers arranged them to become coaches on “the Ultimate fighter”. There were some tension stories between two team leaders. Finally, Ronda protected her UFC title against Tate in UFC 168. This show attracted millions of viewer from all over the world. Estimated that their show ranked the second gate in company history. Almost people said that they were happy to repeat it a few times.