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Individual sports to lose weight (Final part)

If you love playing sport alone so that you can focus and reach more effect in losing weight, you can follow our reference. We share some individual sports which burn a lot of calories.

6, Indoor climbing

As a new game to serve the busy life, you can practice indoor climbing easily without going to the mountain directly.

In the past, going to the mountain to make challenge climbing is always interesting in someone, especially who loves adventure or difficulty. However, they spend on so much time to go to the mountain.

Now, it is improved dramatically through indoor climbing. Some studios can build up large areas as if you are living in the mountain, from rocks, trees to hills. Then you can practice climbing easily. Although climbing in studios can’t meet enough requirements as you climb in the mountain, it is still a new experience for your trial.

This sport is also popular with someone losing weight. Because it can consume a lot of calories, about 600 to 900 calories in one hour, depending on your weight and energy you use to climb. Someone estimates that burning calories in indoor climbing is higher than calories level you reach in running or playing in the gym.

It’s helpful to improve muscles around the body as well strengthen arms and legs strongly and durably. 

7, Going to the gym

This is a great choice of the young nowadays. It’s going to the gym and practice some sport machines like running, walking, riding bike cycle, boxing so on.

The fact, the gym provides a wide range of machine to help you to lose weight effectively. If you can use it easily, you don’t need to order one referee. Or if not, you can ask some trainee to instruct you, then practice it by yourself.