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The House appreciates the possibility of Pochettino to Man Utd

Ladbrokes set a 4 to 11 ratio for Mauricio Pochettino to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Man Utd.

Ladbrokes rated Man Utd as Pochettino’s top destination after leaving Tottenham, at a rate of 11/4 (put 4 to 11). “Red Devils”, under Solskjaer, play this season and are ranked seventh in the Premier League with 16 points after 12 rounds.

Other potential destinations for Pochettino, according to Ladbrokes, are Bayern Munich (1 to 3), Real Madrid (2 to 7), PSG (1 to 7) and Arsenal (1 to 10). Of these, Bayern Munich are looking for a new coach after sacking Niko Kovac earlier this month.

The London-based bookmaker also does not rule out the possibility of Pochettino coming to AC Milan, Juventus (1 to 12) or Barca (1 to 14).

Pochettino led Tottenham from May 2014 to November 2019. The 47-year-old strategist has a 45.7% win rate at Spurs. He built the foundation to help Tottenham reach the championship race candidate in the Premier League and reach the Champions League final last season. Pochettino, though, was sacked by Tottenham on November 20 for the club’s poor start to the season.

Pochettino’s successor, Jose Mourinho, has won 25 titles in his career. Ladbrokes set the ratio of 2 to 9 for Mourinho to be the best coach in the Premier League in December. If Mourinho is fired by Tottenham before the end of the season, players can earn 16 times the bet amount.

The house stopped accepting money to set up Arteta as Arsenal manager

UK City assistant coach Mikel Arteta is close to Arsenal’s chair after meeting the London club leader.

Earlier, Arsenal CEO Vinai Venkatesham and negotiator Huss Fahmy had appeared outside Arteta’s mansion in Manchester. The two sides are believed to have met on the sidelines of the match between Arsenal and Man City in the 17th round of the Premier League on Sunday night 15/12.

Arsenal fired Unai Emery in late November 2019, after a series of seven failed matches. However, interim coach Freddie Ljungberg failed to lift the club. After losing to Man City, the Swede urged the “Gunners” leader to appoint a new coach.

A year and a half ago, Arteta appeared on the list of successor Arsene Wenger. However, the experience of holding the balance did not make the former Arsenal midfielder lose his position to Emery. Opportunities opened again with Arteta, and this time, he was likely to be satisfied.

Some rules of baseball betting you may not know (Part 1)

Baseball is one of the most interesting sports in the world today. In the past, baseball was mostly popular in American countries, but over time, it made its position stronger in Asian countries like China, Japan, Taiwan and others. Therefore, baseball betting is not new to Asian bookmakers.

You can now search for baseball betting at trusted online bookmakers to bet on this type of baseball betting right where you live. Before placing a bet, you need to learn about the rules in baseball betting that we share below.

International baseball rules: if a 7-in-1 round ends with a team leading 10 points, or if a 5-in-1 round ends with a team leading 15 points, the match will end earlier than expected, in this case. , all bets are considered valid.

If a baseball match takes place earlier than the scheduled time, all bets taken before the start of the match will be considered valid, bets made after the start of the match will be void.

If a match is suspended or postponed or unable to continue playing after 12 hours from the time the game took place, all transactions are considered invalid. Unless 2 teams have played at least 5 innings or the home team is leading the score in the 1st half of the 4th quarter (except with the organizers’ rules), in this case, if the match results If a match is a tie then all 1X2 bets will be void.

All match results are based on the judgment of the professional baseball league as standard, including American baseball tournament, Japanese baseball tournament, Taiwan baseball tournament.

All baseball bets are settled based on the score resulting from the start of the match up to at least 5 innings or until the match is completed as a result (handicap, top, bottom, handicap bet). 1.5 points, live betting will be settled based on the score after 9 matches (including overtime) to calculate the result). If a new decision from a sports association results in a match being changed then all bets are not included in the bet.

How to bet badminton effectively?

Badminton is a close sport and very popular in daily life. This is an easy-to-play sport and a simple form of play that is suitable for most people of all ages, this game is often loved as a way to exercise everyone’s health. This is also an international sport with many major tournaments around the world. Online badminton betting with reputable online bookmakers will be a badminton betting method to show your passion for this type of badminton.

Major tournaments of badminton

There are four major badminton tournaments around the world, but there are four very important tournaments that are most interested in how badminton betting is:

Olympics: badminton competitions are widely played in the Summer Olympics. Starting in 1992, it was entered into the Olympic Games. Since then, the sport has been very developed in more than 50 countries registered to compete.

Thomas and Uber Cup: established and put into official play since 1949, the Thomas Cup for men only and the Uber Cup for women are the only competitions for team competitions. Held every 2 years.

Cup Sudirman: This is also one of the biggest tournament in Indonesia, it was founded in 1989 and named after the famous badminton player Dick Sudirman, this tournament was organized. held about once a year with a variety of content both for men and women.

Types of badminton betting

Just like online betting like other sports, online bookmakers offer a variety of badminton betting to help players freely choose, there are betting options The popular fur is:

Money Line bets are used to bet on which player will win the match.

Handicap means betting to place a player winning the match including either the handicap or handicap; Handicap Bets will be settled over a specified period of time to determine if a player has scored more points than any other handicap included.

Over/Under bets are bets based on the total number of points scored in a specified period of the match that will be either the top or bottom of a given factor of the house.

Odd/Even bets are bets on the total number of points the player will score during a specified period of time, e.g. at the end of the game, game 1 or game 2 will be an even number or is an odd number.

Above is all the information of the sport and how to bet badminton. Through this you can understand but the tournament and its extremely simple betting. Learn more to play betting effectively.

Professional playing style in football betting (Part 2)

Are you a fan of football betting? Are you new to play and do not have much experience in football? Do you want to know what are the professional betting players have the secret to keep themselves and profit from football betting?

Professional betting style

Professional players will consider football betting as a long-term investment, if it is an investment, it is very important for its profit rate and risk, so that each period has a certain income. , and every bet is also through thorough analysis.

And professional players will start preparing some capital (for example 20,000), how much it depends on each person’s ability, and a fixed deal with 2.5% of the total money capital, ie 500 dong. And when betting should not be too hasty and should maintain a calm mentality for football betting.

Regular professional players also use the money for each specific market, through relatively accurate information and careful scrutiny to decide whether to bet or not, to ensure they can win the chance of winning from 65% above.

The management of capital is also very important, if an investor who does not know how to manage capital well, no matter how good you are, it will not succeed.

The offer of a successful player: maintain a fixed bet, carefully analyze, receive expert opinions and should not attend every match, thus ensuring a probability of winning 65% or more .

You should play online betting

Each contract should be controlled at 2.5% of the total capital, remember not to exceed it, this is the essence of football investment.

Hope you can harmonize and flexibly use your skills in football investment, all investments should also have long-term plans, it is impossible within 5 days or 10 days. can become a billionaire.

Players should not book all matches in a day, must learn to be patient, can not be greedy, if you put every match, there will be 8, 9 matches will lose 10 matches. Regardless of how many matches a day, so invest only in 5 to 8 games that I have the most victory.

How to effectively play betting on tennis? (Part 3)

The player lacks knowledge, refuses to learn

“There is a day to grind iron iron”, it is the saying of the father quite ancient in the field of betting. Betting is not the first day, the second day, betting tennis online too. Players who want to gamble tennis successfully must practice betting skills, knowledge of tennis a lot. Judging the exact outcome of a tennis match depends heavily on your understanding of the match, tournament, tennis player.

Lack of knowledge leads to inspirational, mass betting, being easily cheated and falling and betting traps. The consequences are constant losses.

Impatient person

Impatient to learn, impatient to train, grab investment without lightning failure. Losing too many bets and quickly stopping the game is best to stop. Because betting requires you to be very persistent with it

The three must, there is no stance

Often these players do not have the proper playing strategy for each bet. Vulnerable to the game changes, affected by the bet manipulators. It will often change the stakes a lot of times in a game – this is a fatal mistake for tennis players

Players gambled in a foolish way

Play smart betting, not play by luck. Playing betting must have a stop rather than losing is to plunge into the equalizer, so big win that up. Because at these times you are not in control of your game

The human factors that make tennis a success

Tennis betting is a picky sport and betting is also extremely picky for players. Of course anyone can take a bet, but for a successful bet the number is very small. Considering that people who are successful in betting tennis should have the following factors:


Whether the bet is successful or not depends on who you are. All success is the same, not just tennis betting. Knowledge, experience, and mindset will determine your own success. Tennis betting is quite picky by players, due to the specific type of sport that needs people who really understand it to have a chance to win. And if you happen to be one of those types of people, you should start changing and learning to bet on tennis successfully.

Tips you should know when playing basketball betting (Part 2)

Basketball betting must be based on many factors and need professionalism if you do not want to make consecutive losses. The following experiences can be summed up by the following.

Know how to bet on the sum

Depending on the player’s bet type, the bookmaker will give the odds that the number of points the two teams can score in the match. The usual way to play with the total bet is the player who places the higher or lower of the house announced by the dealer. As mentioned above players should consider the statistics of the two teams first to bet on the standard. For example, in the confrontation of the two teams, the ratio is usually how much, the two teams are not jostled with each other, the team often scored more points than the other team to judge the outcome intelligently.

Do not just look at the numbers that the bookmaker gives as a betting milestone.The trick here is to not forget to take into account the happenings before the game that can change the score situation. such as a team internal conflict or a player unable to play.

Note when participating in basketball betting

In addition to remembering tips to play basketball betting by heart, players should also note a few issues as follows.

-Find to reputable bookmakers to play, should not join the tournament with high tournament rates but little reputation.

– Master the rules of basketball and game rules.

-Do not be too passionate about betting, have fun in moderation.

Basketball matches are not only exciting and exciting entertainment after tired working hours but also an interesting opportunity to earn money and win big prizes. Knowing how to play science will help players improve the odds of winning.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will learn how to increase your odds even by 2 to 3%.

How to effectively play betting on tennis? (Part 2)

If the player does not have a lot of capital, the proper management, splitting and allocation of capital will support your victory.

Saying they have the capital must be accompanied by effective financial management. Much capital without good management and investment in the right place will lose a lot. Players with little capital but effective management and timely investment, victory is within reach. Therefore, learning financial management in tennis betting is extremely necessary for any player

Prepare suitable playing tactics

Not all betting hands can offer accurate and appropriate play tactics. But need a betting mind, seasoned betting experience to be able to devise appropriate tactics depending on each individual sport.

Although there is no complete strategy, but players should also orient the strategy of play for the whole game, to form a way to play during the tennis match.

Tennis betting as well as other forms of sports betting. To start betting on any type of sport, you need to have a certain understanding of the rules of the sport. Prepare knowledge of betting, capital and how to play appropriately. Psychological readiness for upcoming difficulties.

What types of tennis players should not bet?

The world of colorful betting, many types of people involved in betting, many different types of betting. Different types of betting will have different requirements for players. The most popular sports betting today, in addition to football betting, is the most popular tennis bet. Betting enthusiasts can not ignore this kind of attractive sports betting. The number of players of this type is not small in the market. So what kind of people should not participate in tennis betting to avoid splashing money through the window in vain?

Types of people who shouldn’t bet on tennis

Tennis betting failed, a large number, the number of such people the majority. There are many losers, there are some who lose little and there are people we recommend not to take part in online betting.

How to effectively play tennis betting? (Part 1)

Tennis is a sport that is gaining the hearts of sports fans around the world. The special attraction of tennis affects the hobby of many online betting players. Therefore, tennis betting is always bustling and more attractive.

Tennis betting is not too new, but for many gamblers also have to be surprised when starting with this field. Each type of betting will have its own characteristics and so will tennis, quite a picky tennis player. Want to start tennis or tennis betting properly, you must have careful preparation, decent knowledge of this game. Tennis betting is gradually becoming a popular form of betting. If you are trying to get into this type of betting, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Choose a reputable dealer to bet safely

A reputable dealer is an essential element for betting safely, effectively and successfully. The player choosing the right dealer affects the quality of betting a lot. Because the dealer will be the place to provide good quality goby fish for players to choose.

Big and reputable dealer will ensure the security of your betting account against financial risks.

Tennis is not as popular as football. The attraction of tennis is not felt by everyone. So the rules of this sport are not known to everyone. Tennis betting requires players to understand the sport a lot to understand how to compete, score, as well as the rounds of the match to come up with the right tactics.

Players wishing to participate must master the common types of bets currently in tennis betting. Choose the betting dealer for tennis betting that suits you best to bet successfully.

Prepare capital

Of course, that is the key to your ability to invest in combat. Tennis betting needs a long fight, with a large capital you will easily make decisions as well as appropriate playing tactics.

Roddick won the championship for Djokovic in the US Open 2019

Should I play sports online betting?

This suggestion seems less essential because most people today make online betting, but we still want to mention it. It is still valuable advice, reputable online football betting offers several advantages to other alternatives, so it is purely the best choice.

The following are merely some of those advantages.

Fast, safe and convenient

The fact is that fast, safe and convenient online sports betting does not have any direct impact on your betting results. But still talking because it means everything has been taken care of for you. Just worry about when to bet on football, without having to worry about how you will bet. Using betting sites is less confusing, and just enough is enough reason to bet online.

There is a common thing for this suggestion that needs to be mentioned. You need to use the correct betting site. In particular, you need to use websites that handle the betting process and withdraw money conveniently and can be trusted 100%. There are a few other factors that need to be addressed, but these are the most important factors. You can check our list of recommended sites to buy the site we choose to be the best.

Bringing the best odds is obviously very important, and the perfect bonuses and profits will give you additional funding to continue betting.

Playing online betting is not a new concept for most people and it has become increasingly popular, but there are still some people who are worried about safety issues so they question whether to play sports betting online or not.

Is sports betting online legal?

Currently, many countries have rules about the types of betting but there are still no clear rules for traditional football, or online. Therefore, players who watch online football online at the legal house must comply with the rules that the bookmaker bets to ensure the rights. These rules will help players to bet safely without prosecution.