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LPGA Tour is struggling to cope with Covid-19

The LPGA Tour, a professional female golf tournament system, is struggling with the epidemic caused by nCoV.

Since the beginning of the year, the LPGA Tour has had to cancel or postpone six events. After a series of three tournaments in China, Singapore and Thailand, the women’s golf system recently postponed an additional three tournaments in the US, including the first ANA Inspiration – major this season.

After the latest announcement about the suspension of the schedule last weekend, special agent Mike Whan immediately thought of 19 rookie golfers of the 2020 season, instead of the stars. Understanding their worries, Whan opened his cell phone and called everyone.

This is a challenging time for the women’s arena with 70 years of establishment history. A decade ago, Whan received the special envoy when the LPGA Tour had only 23 awards with a total fund of $ 40 million in 52 weeks. For 10 years, he drove a 50% increase in the number of events, an 80% annual bonus fund, and a 100% television coverage.

LPGA Tour affluent with prize fund reached more than 70 million for the new season. Officially opened in mid-January, this arena has only completed four tournaments and has been halted because of Covid-19 since mid-February.

An atmosphere of anxiety is taking place on the LPGA Tour, from administrative staff, golfers to partners, not only to the Board of Directors but the Whan leader. Their biggest concern is not being able to estimate the timing and number of additional delays as well as the consequences of this for the future of the LPGA Tour. And they saw preliminary damage.

Events such as Volvik Founders Cup this week, Kia Classic and ANA Inspiration in the next two weeks, almost completed the infrastructure for the tournament, but had to dismantle all because of nCoV. In addition, partners offering products or services and LPGA Tour investments “disbanded”, and the date of the reunion was unknown.

But the top management of LPGA Tour was uncertain about the endurance of the reserves before the complicated movements of nCoV.

Adam Scott quenched the golf title thirst

Former Masters champion, Adam Scott, won his first Cup in nearly four years, when he was crowned at the Australian PGA Championship on the Royal Pines yesterday.

Since 2013, the Australian PGA Championship takes place annually on the Royal Pines in Scott’s home state of Queensland. Also at this tournament 2,700 days ago, he was crowned at -14.

This year, Scott was not in the top group holding group after the first two rounds. However, the birdie in the last two holes in the penultimate round helped him monopolize the top of the table with a score of -10.

Entering the final round with a one-yard lead, Scott took the advantage to two birdie sticks at the entrance hole. However, Scott’s consecutive par points at six holes later created opportunities for others to close the gap.

In the 8th hole, the former world number one kicked in water and scored the first bogey on the scoreboard. At this time, he shared the leading position with Michael Hendry, Cameron Davis, Nick Flanagan.

At the end of the first half, the group holds the top of the table and Scott, Hendry, Flanagan. At the end of the 10th hole, Hendry monopolized the top of the board at a distance of one stroke.

In the last six matches, the Cup competition is only a two-horse race. Scott again shared the top spot with birdie in hole 14, while Hendry scored bogey. In the next hole, he broke away with a two-stroke difference by an eagle point.

At hole 16, Hendry shortened the gap to a birdie stick, while Scott reached par. However, in the last two pits, the New Zealand golfer bogey in a row and finished at -11. As for Scott, after eagle at hole 15, he only lost one more stick in hole 18, and was crowned with -13.

Besides the prize money of nearly $172,000, the Australian PGA Championship helped Scott jump five places, to 13th in the world. Runner-up, Hendry took $114,000. Up to five T3 players in the final score got -10, each receiving $45,000.

Scott became a professional in 2000. After 19 years, this golfer has 13 PGA Tour titles, including a major, 11 trophies in the top European arena. Scott held the number one spot in the world for 11 weeks in 2014. His latest PGA Tour victory was the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship on March 6, 2016.