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One-handed golfer recorded hole-in-one at PGA Tour

His right hand was born, but Laurent Hurtubise still became a golfer and then scored a hole-in-one at The American Express in La Quinta, California.

On January 16 according to American time, Hurtubise came to Stadium, par72 competed in pro-am content. Among the golfer playing, he was the most special because there was only one left hand. But Hurtubise proves he can still do the magic in golf with a hole-in-one on the fourth hole of the course which is set at 151 yards.

Hurtubise has repeatedly competed at The American Express. In this tournament in 2018, he used to put the ball into the hole with a shot at a distance of 60 yards.

With Hurtubise, sport helps him blend in with his friends. He said: “From a young age, sports are a way for me to show that I can do things like normal people, even though they are physically different. In golf, people have differences, even points. handicap or any other factor and in this sport, I still confirm my ability.”

Hurtubise played hockey and baseball but at 11, he chose golf. Currently, his goal distance is up to 230 yards.

As a golfer, Hurtubise also uses golf to inspire people with arms or legs. He often talks with parents and children at Shriners Hospital near his home in Montreal to help them overcome disability and enjoy life.

The American Express has a prize fund of 6.7 million USD. After this year’s opening round, Zac Blair and Grayson Murray shared the top of the table at -8. Star Rickie Fowler is in the T3 group with a poor difference by one stick. The defending champion Adam Long is in the T49 group with a score of -3. Phil Mickelson monument first 18 holes with a score of 70 sticks, belonging to the T74 group.