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Federer could not attend Roland Garros

World No. 3 player – Roger Federer – retired from competition after the French Open, due to knee surgery.

“I have been struggling with my right knee pain all the time,” he wrote on his Instagram account. “I thought the wound would heal on its own, but no. After being checked for the injury, I decided to have a knee surgery in Switzerland yesterday 19 February.

After the surgery, the doctor said that I had made the right decision. I am confident that I will recover completely quickly, unfortunately, I will miss tournaments in Dubai, Indian Wells, Bogota, Miami and Roland Garros. pitch”.

Federer showed signs of injury in the Australian Open earlier this year. In the quarterfinals against Tennys Sandgren, he suffered from groin pain and had to seek medical attention. He then stopped in the semi-finals when he lost three sets to Novak Djokovic.

Since then, it has been a month since Federer has competed in any official tournament. He only attended the performance in Cape Town (South Africa) with a victory over Rafael Nadal.

“Express train” will miss the five tournaments he plans to attend from the beginning of the year. It was a performance battle in Bogota (Colombia) ATP 500 in Dubai (UAE), two consecutive Masters competitions in Indian Wells and Miami (USA) and the French Open Grand Slam.

Last year, Federer won Dubai and Miami, won runner-up Indian Wells and reached the semi-finals of Roland Garros. He achieved 2,820 ATP points from these four awards.

Not to mention Federer will also be absent from the two clay Masters – Rome and Madrid – that he attended last year. Federer stopped in the quarterfinals and only reached 180 points. That means Federer will lose 3,180 points after Roland Garros.

The 38-year-old currently has 7,130 points, 85 points ahead of Dominic Thiem’s ​​fourth. Below him, only two players have more than 4,000 points, Stefanos Tsitsipas (4,745) and Daniil Medvedev (5,890).

French Open takes place from May 24 to June 7. If he recovered, Federer re-appeared at Gerry Weber Open in Halle (Germany) on June 13. Federer is the defending champion Halle and will have to defend 500 points.

Why Djokovic is said to be the lonely champion? (Part 1)

The success of Novak Djokovic is necessary for the competition of tennis, but many people do not want that to happen.

A tennis fan said so to Independent journalist Alex Pattle, after Djokovic beat Federer in the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2020 last week. Another, after admitting Djokovic as his favorite player, said he believed Federer would still be the greatest player of all time, and wanted that reflected in the number of Grand Slams at the end of his career. Not just them, the majority of tennis fans in the world want that to happen.

Boris Becker, the former world number one who once led Djokovic, revealed that “Nole” was always disappointed that he was left in the race to win the hearts of fans, compared to Federer and Nadal. Before the 2019 Wimbledon final against Federer, Djokovic even felt insecure outside the field – something different from his stubbornness and resilience inside the pitch

When Djokovic won his fifth championship at the All England Club, after saving two match-points and beating Federer in Wimbledon’s first super tie-break series, disappointment spread across most tennis clubs, sports bars or Family living rooms around the world.

They don’t care about the fact that Djokovic is the all-round tennis player and the best tennis player in the past decade. For many fans, if not Federer or Nadal, that person is not to be applauded.

Even in the Australian Open, where Djokovic is the most beloved of the four Grand Slams, the admiration for him is not as great as the fear that he will surpass Federer’s 20 Grand Slams. Possessing a record seven-time championship, but when confronted with Federer in the semi-finals, Djokovic was still under great pressure when the audience mostly cheered for “Express Train”.

Federer is the most favorite tennis player of all time, that is the truth. Suggesting to the crowd that Djokovic deserves the same popularity, after all his efforts, is futile. Federer is considered the ambassador of this sport, with the standard of elegance and beautiful style as in textbooks.