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Former marathon recordist involved in doping scandal

Kenyan Wilson Wilson Kipsang has just received a preliminary ban for violating doping regulations.

The Doping Prevention Sub-Committee (AIU) under the World Athletics Federation (IAAF) on January 10 announced that Kipsang will not be allowed to compete in any tournament until his hearing takes place.

According to AIU regulations, every day, athletes and athletes must announce their good position within one hour to doping authorities. Each time a participant is not present in the position they announced within the time frame, or declares information that is incorrect, or incomplete, is counted as a violation.

Players who commit three violations in a year will immediately receive a penalty. Kipsang received a preliminary sentence for this type of violation.

The company representing Kipsang also asserted that the client had never been tested positive for doping tests. “No banned substances were found in Kipsang’s test samples,” the Volare Sports announcement said.

Kipsang belongs to the least elite group of marathon runners (42,195km) in the world. He has won championships in World Marathon Majors five times, including London (2012, 2014), New York (2014), Tokyo (2017) and Berlin (2013). Kipsang also won the bronze medal marathon at the 2012 London Olympics.

This foot runner born in 1982 is also the only person in the running village who has ever defeated Eliud Kipchoge – the world’s number one marathon runner. That victory came in 2013 Berlin Marathon, where Kipsang set a world record with a record of 2 hours 3 minutes 23 seconds.

Kipsang is also the most marathon runner in the world with sub2: 04 (under 2 hours and 4 minutes), four times. His best personal achievement (PB) – 2 hours 03 minutes 13 seconds set up at the Berlin Marathon 2016 is also the sixth best running marathon in human history.

However, Kipsang has shown signs of recent performance. He finished third at the Berlin Marathon 2018 with a record of 2 hours 6 minutes 48 seconds. In 2019, Kipsang only ran one major tournament, finishing 12th, with a record of 2 hours 9 minutes 18 seconds, at the London Marathon.