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Online basketball betting rules that you should know (Part 1)

Currently, basketball betting at the bookmakers is very popular and the odds are varied, especially with live view of the match so you will be able to bet. , 188bet, M88, Fun88, etc. you can follow the reviews at the prestigious dealer to know more about these bookies.

Basketball is one of the interesting sports in the bookmakers around the world, but it is imperative to win and understand the rules and conditions of basketball betting. Not knowing the main concepts and important rules about basketball betting will make you win nothing.

Basketball rules

A basketball match is divided into 2 teams, each team consists of 5 members. The team that wants to win a basketball game must throw the ball into the opponent’s basket as much as possible. Besides, you must know to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into your basket.

Each basketball game is prescribed as 40 minutes, divided into 4 rounds. Each round has a time of 10 minutes. It is known that the break time between the first and second half, the break between the third and fourth periods and before each second period, the break between the third and fourth periods and two minutes before each extra period. Particularly, the break time between 2nd and 3rd half is the most different with 15 minutes of coffee breaks.

If after 4 innings the game is a tie, then the match will have a 5-minute or extra time period to determine the winner. Note, In all extra periods the two teams will continue to play in the direction of the basket as in the 3rd and 4th periods.

Some issues regarding before starting a basketball game

During a basketball match, the home team will have the option to select a basket and a bench. This option will be notified to the match referee at least 20 minutes before the game starts.