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Online basketball betting rules that you should know (Part 1)

Currently, basketball betting at the bookmakers is very popular and the odds are varied, especially with live view of the match so you will be able to bet. , 188bet, M88, Fun88, etc. you can follow the reviews at the prestigious dealer to know more about these bookies.

Basketball is one of the interesting sports in the bookmakers around the world, but it is imperative to win and understand the rules and conditions of basketball betting. Not knowing the main concepts and important rules about basketball betting will make you win nothing.

Basketball rules

A basketball match is divided into 2 teams, each team consists of 5 members. The team that wants to win a basketball game must throw the ball into the opponent’s basket as much as possible. Besides, you must know to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into your basket.

Each basketball game is prescribed as 40 minutes, divided into 4 rounds. Each round has a time of 10 minutes. It is known that the break time between the first and second half, the break between the third and fourth periods and before each second period, the break between the third and fourth periods and two minutes before each extra period. Particularly, the break time between 2nd and 3rd half is the most different with 15 minutes of coffee breaks.

If after 4 innings the game is a tie, then the match will have a 5-minute or extra time period to determine the winner. Note, In all extra periods the two teams will continue to play in the direction of the basket as in the 3rd and 4th periods.

Some issues regarding before starting a basketball game

During a basketball match, the home team will have the option to select a basket and a bench. This option will be notified to the match referee at least 20 minutes before the game starts.

Tips you should know when playing basketball betting (Part 4)

It is also important to consider the location of the game field because if you have to go far to play, the fitness of the player. We should also see what is the time of the season. It usually takes until the first quarter of this season to affect the team. As the season ends, more problems emerge. This is a great basketball odds opportunity for you.

Review the playing history of the team

Pay attention to the teams after losing in the previous matches receive high praise when away. Obviously, these teams are really strong to be appreciated even if they lose. If the odds are low on the table, it means they have a chance to win.

After losing their away game, it is certain that they will go all out and burn in the next game. The percentage of teams that lose to 15 points but are still appreciated by the bookmakers in the next game often regains form up to 60% during the past 10 years.

Big Home Underdogs – home teams with high handicap

One thing is for sure, no team wants to lose face in front of their fans. For basketball this is all the more obvious. Big Home Underdogs tend to lift their spirits when they are given a higher handicap (more than 10 points) on their own home turf.

Want to bet this rafters need to consider many different aspects. It is the passion for wanting to impress the home team. Those teams that are confronted are usually more relaxed because they are a few points ahead.

Tracking Moving Lines – Trends in basketball betting

One of the smart ways to bet is to follow the better bet players. Have you ever seen a situation where some people bet against the majority of players? If so, you’ve probably met a real expert in betting – people who go against the crowd. That is the real genius, who takes advantage of the fuzzy chicken as a stepping stone to win his bet.

Tips you should know when playing basketball betting (Part 3)

Check out the squad

There is a secret: Professional gamblers don’t win as much as you think. In fact, those who make a living gambling only win at 52.4% in time. So just a little bit, imagine if you had a way to increase the win rate (even a little) would be like.

Use these tips as a guide to develop your complete betting strategy. Remember, however, that they are only part of your overall strategy, not the whole strategy. Apply these tips in combination with your own game play. May is confident that they will be helpful in determining how your strategy works. Basically, not only one trick should be applied but rather interwoven. Use them as part of a more comprehensive betting strategy based on your knowledge base.

Score in VS. 3 points off the line

Pay attention to the gameplay, the tendency of the teams to score sometimes can be more important than the overall consistency. A team that scores primarily on 3-point throws is not too bad. But scoring points without relying on 3-point throws is much easier.

The teams that focus more on the points in the painted line are more reliable.

Keep this in mind if you are looking for a suitable match or are betting on a tournament in college basketball. Most NCAA winning teams almost never aim for 3-point throws.

However, one thing that players need to consider now is the exception of the Golden State Warrior team. GSW is a team that plays in a 3-point style. One thing worth mentioning is that the team gathered all the members who specialize in throwing 3 precise points. This is also the reason many people would prefer to bet on QSW if they participate in the competition. However, QSW is just an exception.

Keep track of the team schedule

If a team plays many games in a row, it will be very tiring and this will greatly affect their defeat. Unlike sports like football, basketball competitions have many match schedules throughout the week. Keep track of how far the teams need to go to play. How many matches does the team need to compete in that week.

If a team plays until the 4th match in 5 days, then that means their physical strength is not enough to meet the match like the previous matches. And if you want to bet on this team you have to look very carefully.

Tips you should know when playing basketball betting (Part 1)

Along with soccer betting, betting in basketball matches is increasingly prevalent, many players care, attention and enthusiastic response. The number of participants increases exponentially and many experienced people can make hundreds of millions in a month. Since then, the tips on playing basketball betting have been summarized and communicated.

How to play basketball betting with high winning rates

When participating in any red and black game, the player must find the rules to win the biggest win, not just rely on luck. Some tips for playing basketball betting below help beginners to have more confidence in participating in the fun wisely.

Do not put all your money into any match

You are about to follow a classic basketball game, super attractive between two strong teams, each other’s rivals, and you decide to try your best on that game? In fact, it is not recommended by experienced players. Instead, you should split the money and put in many different matches, the win rate will increase a lot.

It is also not advisable to bet too often on a strong team with too much money. The taboo is to love a team and just “down the money” on that team, choosing this sentiment very easily leads to losing bets.

Find out carefully about the competing teams

Be aware of all the strong teams and underrated teams including information about pre-tournament preparation, personnel situation, injured players, team performance in all seasons and last season, team performance, transfer info, etc. The highly rated teams will often prove their ability against weaker teams. Players should also care about the advantage of the home team because the home team win rate is also often quite high. It is best for players to find out the statistics of the two teams before starting the game.