Individual sports to lose weight (Part 1)

One of the most useful way to lose weight is to burn calorie or fat by playing sport. Although playing sport requires some technical or skills to start it fluently, it brings a lot of benefits about spirit and mental. You can burn fat effectively without being pressure of losing weight in per hour of practice.

In this article, we recommend top individual sport you can play alone and lose weight and also improve health issues. It’s great to reach much benefits when spending time on playing sports.

1, Swimming

Swimming is the first option if you can bare the water. Or especially, you are losing weight in the summer.

The fact, it’s a pleasant activity because the rule to action is easy and beneficial for muscles groups in the whole body. You can lose 2-4 lessons with teacher, you can start one pose of swimming. It’s really simple to enjoy.

Furthermore, it can burn a lot of calories. Depending on your effort and energy you use in swimming, this sport can burn about 500 to 600 calories in only haft one hour. 

2, Cycling

Cycling doesn’t require any special skills. You can enjoy it to bike cycle around the park or along river. Or doing it on a gym bicycle in the gym. 

Someone prefers to cycle on the mountain to burn more calories or make challenge with themselves. 

In general, it is a physical activity suiting for everyone. Depending on your age, you adjust pace of cycling to make comfortable and durable. This sport is good to improve muscles around legs and hands.

Estimated that you can burn 500-1000 calories in one hour for cycling, depending your cycling types and pace you consume energy. 

It’s simple but brings good effect, so many people choose it to keep fit and lose weight.

Type of sport betting (Part 3)

Finding a proper type to place on sport bets is necessary and useful for each bettor. Once you determine which kind of betting you like, its strengths and weaknesses, you can find proper solutions and strategies to place.

In this article, wecontinue to share basic types in sport betting. 

5, Total linebet

If you love betting in football or basketball, straight bet is the most popular form.

In this bet, one line is fixed, bettorswill place total scores of two teams then compare with wager.

There are three options: Or “over”, “under” or “tie”. Depending on regulations before bets to determin odd rates accordingly.

6, Money line bet

In Money line bet, method is completely different from total line bet.

At there, you only pick a team to win without placing any point spread. 

This bet has two drawbacks when you have to place total money for one favorite team while other bets can offer wager for the underdog also. It means you only have one option for winning of the favorite team.

For example, in and hockey match between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You place $120 for San Francisco. If they win, you get money. But the rest result, you loss total deposit.

7, Parlay bet

Parlay bet means you pick up some single bets into a group. It can start before the match, then it continues to change odd rates or the favorite team. Until finishing the match, bet is closed.

You will win when your picks are correct in all times or the parlay is lost. 

The fact, this bet has a high risk as well offers a bigger amount for deposit than other bets. Although it brings interesting experience when your bet can be changed and updated depending on status of the match, it should be careful before bets.

Types of sport betting (Part 2)

Standing before a wide range of sport betting market, you feel confusing which type of betting they should place on bets. The fact, choosing a proper betting type is necessary to have good condition to join the next step smoothly.

When you are clear about per betting type you will place, you can know unique strength and weakness, then you give decision correctly. Another way, determining types of sport betting is the first essential step for any bettor.

In this article, we will share major types of sport betting. From our analysis, you can choose some betting types matching with your demand and favorite.

3, Fixed odds type

The majority of bettors love and choose fixed odds to place on sport betting. In general, it’s a traditional form so it becomes familiar with everyone.

In this type, bettor and bookmaker agree to place a wager. Once a wager win, the bonus will be split and paid to agreed parties at the fixed odds. Any change has no meaning when the odd should be confirmed.

According to character of fixed odds, bettors should be careful before confirmation. It’s straightforward so older bettors usually love and choose it.

4, In play betting type

In play betting type is a new version of fixed odds. 

Firstly, it has same character with the fixed odds when bettor also confirms the fixed odds. Once you determine it, bookmakers will follow to share the right when winning a wager.

However, in fixed odds type, you should choose the odds before the match starts. Whereas you can place any time of the match as long as it is on the official time. The final choice is noted and used to determine result.

This type is better and has more opportunity for bettor to get winning. It’s a technology advance of the Internet.

Types of sport betting

Sport became the most favorite field in betting. Almost people go to the online betting will choose sport to make a wager. It’s easy to understand when sport is loved and welcome at every nation. Once fans follow a live match, they can place a wager to increase interest and excitement for the match.

Actually, bookmakers understand deeply this habit, then they build up online system to serve all fans of sports all over the world. Only need a smartphone or laptop, you can connect with the live system and start betting simply at the same time you are watching the live match.

To maximum profit when betting, you should know detail about pros and cons of per type of sport betting. Following this article if you are still confused about them. We explain clearly and simply about types of sport betting.

1/ Win bet

Win bet is one of the most popular wager in sport betting. The fact it is simple to place. Further, it is considered as the traditional wager from a long time. 

If win bet is used universally whereas moneyline wager is almost used in the USA and some nations near the USA. In general, 2 terms are one type. They are only different from called names.

In win bet/ moneyline wager, bettor will pick up who is winner a game/ a match. Then confirm with bookmakers before the match start.

2/ Point spreads

Point spread is extremely popular in the USA because it’s used for football (FNL) and basketball (BNL). Besides it, it is also used for a wide range of other sports. 

In other betting market, called it as the straight bet. In general, they have similar rules. Only different about called names.

In point spread, you place on a team with the margin which expresses the size of spread. It means that you are placing for the weaker team, you are choosing them for losing or winning with a margin less than size of point spread.

Overall about sport betting

Sport betting becomes popular with everyone recently at almost sport event, from football, tennis, swimming to races like motor races, horse races so on.

Before you place on sport betting, you should make knowledge about it carefully. Because betting means that you are using money to practice your gamble time. So, you shouldn’t kid with money.

In this article, we continue to share basic information about sport betting. We think that it’s necessary for any bettor before starting professional betting.

2/ Origin and spreading of betting

According to documents, betting started in 1990s from traditional bookmakers. They had one headquarter and chain of betting shops. All people wanted to gamble, need to go to these betting shops.

When the global web’s growth, many websites for betting were founded. People tended to visit websites of bookmakers for betting than going to traditional betting ships.

In the modern lives, almost transaction about sport betting should be practiced by online bookmakers. It’s more convenient, flexible as well profitable for both bettor and bookmaker. Only some racetracks like horse race, greyhound race still welcome customer to betting shops. The remain will focus on betting online.

3/ Choose the online bookmakers properly

Among profit from online betting, many companies focus on this potential market. But someone is reliable and legal while the rest will be risky for your money. Therefore, choosing a proper bookmaker is crucial decision for any bettor.

There are many factors to consider which bookmaker is suitable. It includes his reputation, ability to offer a wide range of sport event for betting, pay-outs method or bonuses and promotion. 

Furthermore, customer service is also a necessary factor for option. Because betting online only do through the Internet. When you make trouble, you need reference from customer service fast and efficiently. Whether this website is accessible and supports carefully or not? It’s a question to choose a proper bookmaker.

It’s better you read or visit bookmaker review as well history of them to decide whether they are reliable or not. The former can share useful tips for your recommendation.

Overall about sport betting

Nowadays, sport betting become an industry for many people. Almost gamblers are fans of sport firstly. When they watch sport events, they are interesting to predict the result which increase more thrilling and exciting for the match. Step and step, the bookmakers understand this principle, they have built up online system to make convenient for any bettor in the world. since, fans of sport from all over the world can access to sport betting easily and simply.

To understand more information about sport betting, we share overall tips. Hope it be useful for any beginner before deciding on gambling officially.

1/ Rules about math in sport betting

Someone thinks that sport betting only needs luck and feeling to make final decision. The fact that this idea is wrong. Betting requires basic knowledge about math. Even, you are super in this subject, you have more opportunity to reach winning.

The math plays an important to decide the result of one match.

When you have money, you need to calculate to use this sum properly. For example, which point you will place on betting? How much? Profit when you use this odd.

According to development of sport betting, it has many kinds of version to meet demand of bettors. Sometimes this convenience makes beginner confusing because they don’t know which type is suitable. Therefore, they need to take advantage of math to give possible number about a wager, odd rates, rules or points to decide who is winner. So on.

In general, beginner need to determine 3 major things:

#1 – which is type of bet is good

#2 – the number of team/ sport match for betting

#3 – the amount players want to win

After answers some questions, player can be clear and confident to place on betting with their decision. The fact that it’s not complicated. As long as gamblers spend time on calculating and making plan, all next process become easier and easier.

Top couple with the current rivalries in sports

Sport is always interesting with everyone. Depending on other favorite and hobby, per person has another favorite sport. But all have the same point which feel exciting and loved with sports. So, many fans are ready to spend their time on visiting live matches or following their idols in any activities.

In this article, we share one aspect of sport which are couples with interesting rivalries. Following it to see whether your idol and your favorite sport is on ranking or not.

4/ LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

They met together in finals of the NBA championship in 2012. In this match, all fans felt satisfactory with both players’ performances. They were in their prime in career. So, both were expected to reach winning in this competition to remark great achievements for their team.

During the match, fans hoped that this was the last time both players met together. Because they were both excellent and smart. Finally, LeBron defeated Kevin in congratulation of his opponent- Kevin.

Off the court, they still are good friends.

5/ Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate

Ronda and Tate are the top women in MMA in the world. They have competitive rivalry both in the field and off the court.

In one reality show, they have an argument about boyfriend insult, fans stories or snubbed handshakes.

In one finals of 2012 tournament, Ronda defeated Tate in near score. Then when they came bank in UFC, organizers arranged them to become coaches on “the Ultimate fighter”. There were some tension stories between two team leaders. Finally, Ronda protected her UFC title against Tate in UFC 168. This show attracted millions of viewer from all over the world. Estimated that their show ranked the second gate in company history. Almost people said that they were happy to repeat it a few times.

Top couple with the current rivalries in sports

Sports always play an important role in our life. It brings a piece of fun, relaxing as well hope for spectators. Many people are affected by performance of athletes.

In this article, we share top sports rivalries between couples which make deeply impressive for fans.

1/ Pete Carroll vs. Jim Harbaugh

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh have ever dominated the football team in college.

Jim Harbaugh was a couch in Stanford team whereas Pete was a head leader of the Trojan. They had a trace at the Coliseum in 2019 season. In some moments of this match, Harbaugh run up the score which made Carroll thrilled. They had a verbal argument at the middle field.

After this season, they move to the NFL and lead other two team. Spectators are looking forward to the next match in the Super Bowl when two coaches meet together whether they have continued another argument?

2/ Nick Saban vs. Les Miles

After the 2004 season, Saban moved the Miami Dolphins, Miles took over it as a head coach. Then Saban became a coach for a college game at Alabama. It’s interesting when his team had to face with his previous team- the Miami Dolphins.

Before the match, team of Miles were confident because they had some successes before stronger rivals. Furthermore, both team were on the top contenders in the SEC ranking.

Finally, team’s Saban became winners with the scores 5-3. This match is a memorial event for both coaches.

3/ LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

Both NBD players were in their prime career, so meeting together in the finals made difficult to guess who was a winner.

Not expected, they met in the NBA finals in 2012 season. Although they were good friends off the court, they still played by 100% energy because of their team. It was a little difficult but finally LeBron became a winner to get the title.

Why Djokovic is said to be the lonely champion? (Part 3)

Federer was always pompous and polite while Nadal lived the principles and modesty. Djokovic’s problem is clear that he cannot hide his negative emotions in every match. Djokovic was inherently unpopular, and it was the fastest way for him to turn into the villain in the eyes of most tennis viewers.

“Nole” may not be as flexible as Federer or as industrious as Nadal, but if you combine Federer’s IQ and Nadal’s endurance, you can create a Djokovic-like player. Technically, Serbian tennis players have clearly reached the level of at least the level of two seniors, to join them in creating the concept of “Big 3”.

But from the perspective of the fans, there is no compelling reason to explain that a player with 276 weeks ranked number one in the world, owns 17 Grand Slams, won the Masters 1000 and ATP Finals, confronted marginally better than both Nadal and Federer, hated so much.

Federer as the artist, with perfection as perfect and accurate as a Swiss watch, Nadal is like a warrior, with the power of a Spanish gaur, combining these two extremes, you have a battle to be expected and be forever mentioning, Djokovic, nicknamed “Iron Man”, who grew up in Serbia in the bombardment of war, experienced hardship and hardship, was an outsider in the battle between ‘Artist’ and ‘ Combatant”.

The estrangement of the crowd on the field does not affect Djokovic’s behavior in real life. Present at most major tournaments, Ben Rothenberg, one of the New York Times’ tennis managers, revealed that Djokovic is the most generous and friendly tennis player he has ever seen.

However, Djokovic – who has never denied his desire to become the greatest player – once again chose the title over the love of the audience. In a frustrated mood, the Serbian tennis player still managed to use tactical acumen and experience to adjust everything back to the right trajectory.

Won the 17th Grand Slam and regained the number one position in the world, Djokovic simultaneously approached the two records he considered the most important in a player’s career. He is only three weeks behind Federer and Grand Slam and 34 weeks at the top of the ATP. Djokovic is causing those who do not support him to expect a miracle that derailed the most destructive machine of felt in the past 10 years.

But there is a simpler option for all, which is to enjoy the best tennis and appreciate more of what Djokovic has brought to the sport: the fierce competition unprecedented in history.

LPGA Tour is struggling to cope with Covid-19

The LPGA Tour, a professional female golf tournament system, is struggling with the epidemic caused by nCoV.

Since the beginning of the year, the LPGA Tour has had to cancel or postpone six events. After a series of three tournaments in China, Singapore and Thailand, the women’s golf system recently postponed an additional three tournaments in the US, including the first ANA Inspiration – major this season.

After the latest announcement about the suspension of the schedule last weekend, special agent Mike Whan immediately thought of 19 rookie golfers of the 2020 season, instead of the stars. Understanding their worries, Whan opened his cell phone and called everyone.

This is a challenging time for the women’s arena with 70 years of establishment history. A decade ago, Whan received the special envoy when the LPGA Tour had only 23 awards with a total fund of $ 40 million in 52 weeks. For 10 years, he drove a 50% increase in the number of events, an 80% annual bonus fund, and a 100% television coverage.

LPGA Tour affluent with prize fund reached more than 70 million for the new season. Officially opened in mid-January, this arena has only completed four tournaments and has been halted because of Covid-19 since mid-February.

An atmosphere of anxiety is taking place on the LPGA Tour, from administrative staff, golfers to partners, not only to the Board of Directors but the Whan leader. Their biggest concern is not being able to estimate the timing and number of additional delays as well as the consequences of this for the future of the LPGA Tour. And they saw preliminary damage.

Events such as Volvik Founders Cup this week, Kia Classic and ANA Inspiration in the next two weeks, almost completed the infrastructure for the tournament, but had to dismantle all because of nCoV. In addition, partners offering products or services and LPGA Tour investments “disbanded”, and the date of the reunion was unknown.

But the top management of LPGA Tour was uncertain about the endurance of the reserves before the complicated movements of nCoV.